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FAQ's of Achiever Test Series / Joint Package

CBT Mock Test

FAQ's of Achiever Test Series / Achiever Joint Package

Achiever Test Series includes "Total 20+ tests (8 Unit Test, 2 Review Test, 10 Full Syllabus Test) includes 2 All India Open Tests’’.
  • Further Major Test Dates shall be announced in January-February 2023 in Online CBT mode.
  • The Joint Package brings you the combined advantages of Study Material Package and Achiever Test Series.

    XII Undergoing / Pass / Repeaters students can join Achiever Test Series / Joint Package for Target NEET (UG) 2023.

    There are two Application modes :
    a) Through Online Application (Visit Website free of cost.
    b) Through OMR Application Form from our Study Centers / Authorized Information Centers for Rs. 200/-

    Those students who have already registered in Distance Learning Program Courses of NEET(UG) TARGET 2023- Leader Test Series(3103), Leader Joint Package(3104),) need not to separately purchase Achiever Test Series (Course Code: 3161) and Achiever joint package (Course Code: 3166).

    Yes, we are offering scholarships to Achiever Test Series / Joint Package students, who come under our criteria. For scholarship details please Click Here
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