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Multi dimensional analysis of student performance on various parameters

CBT Mock Test

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" The students and parents can review the detailed analysis of the student's performance on with various scientific & analytical features which are as follows "

Score Card

Gives the quantitative performance of the student in the tests. The score card provides a brief review of the overall score, subject scores, percentage wise, difficulty V/S marks distribution and ranks obtained (subject wise & overall).

Question Wise Report

This report provides summary of all questions attempted (by all students). This will unveil the relative performance of the student in a question, wherein student will find individual question wise analysis compared with the peers.

Test Solution

This report is to facilitate students in the learning process. This displays solutions for selected questions asked in the exam so that they are aware of the correct answers as well as the right way of attempting questions.

Compare Yourself With Toppers

Benchmark your performance. Discover where you stand in relation to the toppers. This helps students to strive for excellence and better performance.

Difficulty Level Assessment Report

Find out how you performed on the parameter of three difficulty levels i.e. tough, medium and easy. The number of correct and incorrect attempts point out your strengths as well as the areas that needs to be worked upon. The uniqueness of this feature is that the student can compare his performance with toppers.

Test Performance Topic Wise Report

Find out your competent areas. Analyse what topics need to be worked upon and what topics fetch you advantage by reviewing the topic scores. Use them to excel in the exams.

Subject Wise Test Report

This feature provides subject wise analysis of the test. Here the assessment can be compared with the toppers with improvement tips and suggestions followed by subject or topic level analysis.

Compare Center/State Wise Performance

Yes! We know that you are always curious to know your centre/State wise performance report and it is now possible and made available on

Graphical Test Report

This report displays your performance graph. The slope shows the performance gradient. The student will know whether the effort put in is sufficient or not.

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