Rank Booster Test Series for NEET (UG)


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Rank Booster Test Series for NEET (UG)

Allen Distance learning division announces Rank Booster Test Series for NEET (UG) 2021, exclusively designed for Class XII Undergoing / Pass students. Test Paper are available in both Pen-Paper and Online CBT mode, the series comes with well-structured part, review and full syllabus tests, along with Self-Evaluation test (SET). It covers all the vital concepts of the exam syllabus thus helping to boost your preparation for NEET (UG) exam and to help you analyze your preparation, the series also provides you with a Performance analysis of each test on DSAT.


XII Undergoing / Pass


NEET (UG) - 2021


Both Hindi / English Medium

Course Details

Course Name Rank Booster Test Series for NEET (UG)
Application Mode Offline & Online
Course Code 6137
Fee Structure (Inclusive GST) 2200/- (Inclusive GST)
Test Schedule & Syllabus Click Here
Refund Criteria Not Applicable
Exam Mode Pen Paper & Online CBT
No. of Test Total Test : 28 [ Unit Test (SET) : 12, Part Test: 6, Review Test: 3, Full Syllabus Tests : 7 ]
Course Features
  • 1. Tests are planned in a well-structured manner namely Unit Test (Self Evaluation) , part , review & full syllabus
  • 2. Full syllabus Test Papers with Allen Classroom students
  • 3. Benchmark your performance with India’s biggest pool of talented medical aspirants
  • 4. Exams in Pen Paper & Online CBT mode
  • 5. Cover all concepts of Medical entrance examination syllabus
  • 6. Get Performance analysis of each test on DSAT.
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Important Note :

Those students have already enrolled in Major Test Series NEET UG target 2020-21 (Course Code : 6101, 6118, 6125, 6126) and Leader Test Series NEET UG target 2020-21 (Course Code : 3103, 3104, 3108, 3109) will get the all PEN PAPER (Part, Review & Full Syllabus) tests which are available in schedule of Rank Booster test series (Course Code : 6137).
Self Evaluation Tests (SET) are exclusively only for Rank Booster test Series Students.
Make sure your payment is complete before 72 hours of every exam so that you can appear in the exam without any hurdle.
  • Total : 28 Tests [ 12 Self Evaluation Test ( SET ) Test, 6 Part Syllabus, 3 Review Test & 7 Full Syllabus ].
  • Exam Mode: 16 Pen Paper mode exams and 12 Self Evaluation Test ( ONLINE CBT ) mode exams
  • All Self Evaluation Test ( SET ) will be available only in Online CBT Mode on DSAT
  • Self Evaluation Test ( SET ) is of 1 Hour Duration and contain 60 Questions. Only Marks will be given in Self Evaluation Test (SET). Each question carries 4 marks
  • Self Evaluation Test ( SET ) question paper consisting of Physics (15 questions) , Chemistry ( 15 questions) and Biology ( 30 questions ). The maximum marks are 240
  • Number of tests, date, timing & Pattern may vary according to announcement of NEET 2021 main exam dates
  • In any unforeseen circumstances, if test is not possible in Pen Paper mode then test will be available on your DSAT panel in Online CBT mode as well as in PDF format as per schedule.
  • Students who were not able to attempt the exam on the Test Date due to late registration or absence can avail in Practice Test (Online CBT Mode) after the declaration of All India Rank on DSAT Panel.
*SET : Self Evaluation Test
*ONLINE CBT : Attempt Test from Home in Online Mode on your Device.
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